Sinderella Coach Party Bus Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does my time start & Finish?

A: If your booking is for 7pm to 9pm then this is when you have the vehicle, time does NOT stop if you choose to depart the vehicle.

Q: Where do you pickup from?
A: We pickup from anywhere YOU choose! pickup’s can be from homes, hotels. Just about anywhere.

Q: Where do you stop?
A: YOU pick the stops! This trip is down to you! We do insist on stops for safety reasons!

Q: What is included?
A: We provide an awesome vehicle with loud music systems, video systems & Club style LED Lighting and awesome staff, you provide the rest! We DO NOT provide Cups, Ice, Drinks, Alcohol, Mixers, food! We can assist in providing these items at a surcharge cost!

Q: Do you have a full bar?
A: legally we cannot provide alcohol to our customers as we are not a licensed bar, however we are BYOB (Bring you own beer) and this extended to spirits and wines also. We provide an inside a cooler.  We can have a company supply drinks, Please call us!

Q: Can I see the buses before I book?
A: The buses are stored in a secure location, to offer viewings we would have to send a staff member to that location, then ensure the bus is clean after the last booking, then power everything up. This costs staff time and fuel, also during the week most of our fleet is under preventative maintenance. Therefore we encourage prospective clients to read our reviews and visit our video pages on Youtube and facebook.

Q: What music systems do you have?
A: most of our buses is equipped with a  PC based video system, we have hundreds of tracks including the current Billboard Top 40 and many other Genre’s, we find from experience when people plug in their phones quality is lost and most songs we hear are already on our systems.

Q: Which bus has a dancers pole?
A: All our Party buses have dancers poles!

Q: What is the hourly minimum?
A: due to the preparation time required to launch a Party Bus we use 2 hours as a standard minimum with most of our clients booking 2 or 5 on average.

Q: Do you offer Military Discounts?
A: Yes we do, we are proud to offer discounts to the men and women that serve us! (Police, Fire, EMT, Coastguard, other first responders)

Q: Do you cater for children’s birthday parties?
A: Yes we do, we even have party hostesses that can help, although some of our preloaded music is more adult themed we do also have a large kids category ready for your children’s dance parties!

Q: Why should I choose Sinderella Coach?
A: We strive to provide customer excellence and professionalism. We are a corporate entity with our primary focus on customer safety and satisfaction. The drivers we employ are hand picked from many candidates and they must have had prior experience in driving large corporate buses. Our maintenance team performs weekly routine maintenance on our fleet to ensure the highest uptime of vehicle reliability. We treat our clients how they should be treated.

Q: Do you offer Club Tours?
A: Sinderella Coach is in the transportation business only however we have many partners that we work with to provide additional services such as Club Tours and other special events!

Q: I purchased a groupon how do I confirm my reservation?

A: Whoah there, the Groupon page CLEARLY states to call us prior to purchase, this is only a voucher and they provide zero information to our company! A purchase does NOT mean a reservation in our system!  We also have VERY LIMITED Groupon acceptance on weekends! Call us with any questions!

Q: What is the process?

A: The process is easy!

1 – Call us to check the Date / Time availability.

2 – We send out a contract and invoice (Please note these are only valid for 24 hours to avoid dissapointing other customers)

3 – Once signed (electronically by Docusign) we send out your reservation confirmation.

4 – You all set! Its all online and super easy!

5 – Day off or day prior we call you to confirm everything!

Easy as PIE!

Q: Do you provide a red carpet?

A: Currently we do not, this maybe added in the future.

Q: Can you drivers drive slow?

A: This is a Big NO NO, our drivers MUST drive the speed limit, the Las Vegas strip can be a dangerous place for everyone so for safety we abide fully to each and every traffic law. For customers looking for a  tour to photograph fro ma vehicle there is a company that offers an open top bus.

Q: What are the roads like in Vegas?

A: Vegas is under-going a lot of road construction during 2016, from sewage pipe upgrades to resurfacing, therefore thats why we always tell our guests to hold onto the safety poles when the vehicle is in motion.


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