Rental Terms

Sinderella Coach Terms

Sinderella Coach Rental Terms

Sinderella Coach will supply each charter with a contract, however here are some of the rules that apply to our rentals and Special Offers.
This is a tongue N cheek rules list! or.. is it…..

Party Bus Rental Terms

  • Call us before you purchase ANY special offer!
  • Weekends are really busy for us. Accepting a highly discounted voucher can sometimes not be possible, so just give us call first.
  • Holiday weekends are busy for us also, give us a call first.
  • Late at night you may need more time due to traffic conditions, so give us call first.
  • We do not supply cups, ice, drinks, water, food or strippers.. Give us a call first as we may know people who do!
  • Do NOT bring a bad attitude, or illegal substances. This is a party bus, we ONLY want FUN people!  This includes Marijuana vapes! We are not stupid, neither are hotel employees and certainly not Las Vegas Metro-leave it all behind!
  • “Wannabe” MMA fighters in or around the bus will not be tolerated. If you have an insecurity, leave it at home!
  • Know how to pace yourself. We don’t want you to barf on our buses, or over us, or over you..
  • Bring a playlist. Whilst our drivers could be earning $1mil per night at the major clubs, they prefer to drive buses for an hourly wage! So bring your own music and we’ll bring the Aux Cord!
  • No smelly or messy food, and no food for charters under 4 hours.. Our drivers maybe forced to eat it all. Plus no one wants to smell your day old McDonalds!
  • No Smoking, No Vapes, even if it does smell like a fruit salad!
  • Lastly, call us first…