Sinderella Coach Rider Tips

We want everyone onboard to have an excellent time, by following the below tips you can learn about your trip before it even happens!
  • Always choose at least one stop during your rental, whilst our buses are fun to be in, we discourage driving around constantly-add a restaurant, club, bar, park to your trip.  Stretch your legs and get some fresh air. Our Metroplex has so many great places to visit, call us for ideas!
  • When plugging in an Ipod or Telephone via Aux, always ensure the volume is no more than 75%, Any higher causes nasty distortion and sounds terrible! The driver team will be able to assist with any help.
  • Sorry but no Red Wine, Kegs or Jello Shots.   We DO allow any other type of BYOB alcohol.
  • If you request a “Special Occasion” video please remember this complimentary but we must receive any media at least 7 days prior to the rental.

Our last and foremost tip is… HAVE A GREAT TIME! Need Ideas? Have Questions? Call us or ask the staff onboard during the rental.